Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rambo Review!!!!

Well where do I start? I think the best place to start is the beginning, and the story started like like most great stories start, with a book. The story goes that a man named John Rambo comes back home from Vietnam, but instead of a heros welcome he realizes that the land he defended has changed and turn against him.
A true life realization of men and women in America only thing is, this is a movie so Rambo goes crazy and turns on all the cops in town. And delivers one of the most memorable lines of the 80s "They started this" "They started this" "I'm just ending it!"

Now for me to say that this movie is violent is a understatement it goes above and beyond of what a "Grindhouse" movie would go we got violence towards woman and children, but it all prepares you for the hell that Rambo brings later in the movie. The pace of the movie is great it all works out great, if it were any longer it would over stay its welcome. But its perfect, well for what it is, this movie wont win any awards except maybe the most badass hero in a bandanna award but it delivers for what it is.


 The supporting cast is ok and doesn't get to annoying to the point that you can't stand to watch them. They go in do what they are supposed to do and get out, kinda like the marines in Aliens.


If there is one character that is kinda annoying it would be the lead female, she is a pain in the ass but without her we really wouldn't have a plot. I was surprised that Stallone delivers a good movie considering that Balboa fell a little short, after that movie I thought it was over for the guy but he totally redeems himself with this one. I mean its all you could really ask for if you know what you'll be getting expect nothing but a pure action flick that doesn't require a lot of thinking. Nuff Said!

There was a huge flood of rumor and just crazyness soooooooooooo

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