Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok if you are
 new to this whole franchise of the game then let me give you a quick summary. What would it be like if you could pit Mario against Samus from Metroid? Who would win? Well I'm sure it was on a lot of kids minds as they were growing up, Nintendo was thinking of news ways to re-invent itself and decided to make a fighting game, and came up with that exact idea and called it Super Smash Brothers. It originally came out for the Nintendo 64 and became a huge hit amongst fighter lovers and gamers alike. After that a sequel was made for the Gamecube and now a new one is scheduled for release on the Wii. As of this blog the release date is March 9th. 

The game so far has been hyped since the announcement of its release in early 2006 even before the Wii was launched. Only thing was no one expected it to be what is hyped as game of the year if not the century. And with updates on the Dojo,
people just get more and more excited, this game has been a culmination of fans and game designers alike who always wondered what it would be to have sonic vs. Mario. Now some of the features that have been announced that has pleased us the gamers are, Online capabilities, demos of original games to unlock, and the usual bonuses like collecting statues from the original games.

Now with more a
nd more things added to the game it is shaping up to be a huge hit, and its no wonder why it keeps getting bumped back. Originally it was scheduled for release in Dec. and because of all this adds to it, its in this writers opinion that it keeps getting bumped back. This game will set a new standard hopefully for games to come.

I'll leave ya guys with these images to kinda give you the idea of what to expect and a video of the online games, the video is of players playing from Tokyo to Kyoto to test out the speed and lag capabilities. 

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The Goon said...

I remember working at gamestop nearly 2 years ago seeing screenshots for the ssb game for wii. Crazy that it's taken this long and people are still stoked about it.