Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

super smash bros brawl wallpaper
Ok so its about time for my first video game review if you have followed my blogs from myspace then you know I like to review things but this is such a big event that I just have to also put in my 2 cents.

First off this game is so huge that my Wii wasn't used to it and really struggled at first but once it got cooking it was smooth sailing from there out, now mine is a launch system the first at ToysRus actually! And it was all good but some people out there haven't had such luck and received a read disc error. My sympathies go out to them ;)

Ok so right off the back the game gives us our old favs and I'm not going to give ya a spoiler free review so you have been warned!
I honestly can't give a real review cause all I've played is the Subspace Emissary so please bare with me, but it is the heart of the game and I think beating it all the way through gave me a out look on the whole game.
I spent 10 hours in one day playing that game non stop I don't hardly ever do that mind you! I guess I'm a casual gamer but was once a hardcore gamer, also the game told me I played that much it was one of the achievements to get!
I played the game more than that cause me and my brother picked it up as a midnight launch so all in all I played it about 12-14 hours, and at the end I did something I didn't expect I choose someone over Mario my favorite character of all time!
I choose his brother! He's really good and the pros use him too! So I found myself liking him a lot especially during the last level.
Another guy I used was R.O.B. thats a shock too but I learned that his slow way of fighting is really, really great! F.Y.I. the last level takes about 2 hours alone! Its a big maze and I didn't figure it out right off the back!
Everybody comes back that were in Melee well the ones that I remember which I'm sure is to make everybody happy. I tried playing the online game but found that it had some gliches I've read on other sites that it has lag. I think all these problems arrive thanks to everyone trying to go online, I wont be surprised to hear this game hit the 1 million mark soon!
I can't really say anything else other than you maybe playing this game for the next month straight if not year. Its got tons to do and the online multiplayer is something we have all been waiting for.
Believe the hype and buy this game right now! That is if you can find it. :)

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