Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost Review 3/13/08

Right off the back we start with a flash forward and we find out that Sun and her baby got off the island :) awesome considering I loved her and Jin from the start of the show, where is Jin though?
He is rushing answering his phone and letting someone know that he's on his way, Sun is in the middle of labor. Jin frantically looking for a present for a baby. I love all the anime/video game plushes in the background ;). Finally he settles for a panda.
In between the flash forwards we are treated with some real time island things, and the hated girl with the ugly grin is shown. Juliet of coarse she is having a conversation with Sun about the Freighter crew that has landed on the island, Sun needs to get off the island or protect her child. Juliet suggest that she shouldn't join Locke and to trust Juliet.
Flash forward and the baby is coming, Sun is constantly asking where Jin is but we know that hes out trying to get a panda somewhere.
Speaking of, Jin is having the worst day ever and nothing is going right for him. He misses his cab and the panda he just bought goes along with another man! Sounds a lot like the episode with Hurley and him trying to get to the plane from season 1.
Sorry for the foul language :D anyways Juliet will do anything to get Sun to stay so that her and her baby can get off the island including telling Jin that Sun was cheating on her. If you didn't like Juliet before you sure as hell better hate her now!
Bernard has perfect timing well not really but accidents always have a way of finding themselves to be angels in disguise. Without knowing Bernard tells Jin about Karma and makes him feel better over what he has learned about his wife.
On the Freighter crazy S%!T is amok and people with cabin fever are killing themselves left and right! What is going on with this island and its magnetic field!?
The captain of the ship is introduced and sounds Australian to me, who knows. We know that we aren't supposed to trust the captain but he informs us that Charles Widmore is behind the ships appearance near the island. 
In the near FUTURE a slimy baby girl is born and Jin is still no where in sight WTF!? Sun think she sees a look alike but its not him, boy they really must of had her drugged up eh?
After much wait the man us hardcore fans knew was going to show up, reveals himself as a man working for Ben, where is Walt though? I'm excited as hell at this point but should we still even like Michael after killing Ana Lucya and Libby?
Back on the island Jin makes up with Sun and realizes that she cheated on old bad Jin and they both know now that hes a good man.
Jin finally arrives at the hospital but whats this he's not at Suns!? Does he still work for her dad? By now we realize that its a flash back and the worst twist of the show and episode is revealed.
Sun visits with baby in hand Jin's grave its sad to see one of my fav. characters gone just like that, he's dead or still on the island and led to believe he's dead. Sun names the baby after what Jin suggested, and the episode ends.

Its a bad ending in my opinion I didn't think there would be any unnecessary deaths on the show after Mr. Ecko but who knows now, maybe the Oceanic 6 are the only ones that make it out alive! I guess we'll have to wait and see.......

New Muppets movie

Fresh off the presses of Variety, reports of a possible Judd Apatow adaption of a Muppets movie, but to be on the fair side its actually 
Jason Segel and director Nick Stoller, fresh off their finished movie Forgetting Sarah Marshal. This could be a godsend that might bring back life to the great series.

Speed Racer

A new trailer up, and after watching the inside look or the 30 as they used to call it, before movies start. Talking about Speed Racer with interviews from the cast, all had this to say, that the movie is very family oriented. Well to me it looks dark, so I'd like to see if there is more to the blue screen glory from the trailer.

If anything Lost fans should check it out for Matthew Fox.

Incredible Hulk

Just when you thought it was safe to go to a movie theater and not see another super hero movie( with the exception of Batman) we get a trailer for the Hulk, so far it looks like the story is continuing from where Ang Lee left off though there are hints of a refresh of the story being told. But are 2 big monsters fighting it out what the audience need to make this movie good?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


All I can say is that DAMN! This could actually be good( get the pun I put in there?)
blood sport

Monday, March 10, 2008

Filter Straw

Via Geekologie:
A straw that can filter any water, could be helpful if you are stuck in the woods or just plain ole dirty L.A., for more check out the link.

Lego Weapons!

Ever wanted that rocket launcher for that Indiana Jones lego you just got, to rein-act that scene from Raiders of the Lost arc? Well now you can with these:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

super smash bros brawl wallpaper
Ok so its about time for my first video game review if you have followed my blogs from myspace then you know I like to review things but this is such a big event that I just have to also put in my 2 cents.

First off this game is so huge that my Wii wasn't used to it and really struggled at first but once it got cooking it was smooth sailing from there out, now mine is a launch system the first at ToysRus actually! And it was all good but some people out there haven't had such luck and received a read disc error. My sympathies go out to them ;)

Ok so right off the back the game gives us our old favs and I'm not going to give ya a spoiler free review so you have been warned!
I honestly can't give a real review cause all I've played is the Subspace Emissary so please bare with me, but it is the heart of the game and I think beating it all the way through gave me a out look on the whole game.
I spent 10 hours in one day playing that game non stop I don't hardly ever do that mind you! I guess I'm a casual gamer but was once a hardcore gamer, also the game told me I played that much it was one of the achievements to get!
I played the game more than that cause me and my brother picked it up as a midnight launch so all in all I played it about 12-14 hours, and at the end I did something I didn't expect I choose someone over Mario my favorite character of all time!
I choose his brother! He's really good and the pros use him too! So I found myself liking him a lot especially during the last level.
Another guy I used was R.O.B. thats a shock too but I learned that his slow way of fighting is really, really great! F.Y.I. the last level takes about 2 hours alone! Its a big maze and I didn't figure it out right off the back!
Everybody comes back that were in Melee well the ones that I remember which I'm sure is to make everybody happy. I tried playing the online game but found that it had some gliches I've read on other sites that it has lag. I think all these problems arrive thanks to everyone trying to go online, I wont be surprised to hear this game hit the 1 million mark soon!
I can't really say anything else other than you maybe playing this game for the next month straight if not year. Its got tons to do and the online multiplayer is something we have all been waiting for.
Believe the hype and buy this game right now! That is if you can find it. :)

Lost Review 3/5/08

Well its been a while and I'm back, I was gone because of a recent trip to Disney Land but the vacation is over and now time for work again.
This weeks episode involved 2 of my favorite people on the show and I use that term extremely loosely, the castaways I speak of are Juliet and this new red headed lady, sorry that I don't know her name as of writing this.

The episode starts with a trick of sorts after watching a run of great episodes with just one weak one, we are treated to a flash forward. Or so we are to believe, turns out its a flashback to when Juliet first arrived on the island.

An old friend that we meet in Season 2 makes a return, Goodwyn and is shown having a relationship with Juliet. Just one hunch while I'm on the subject, do you think that she might be pregnant at some point? Anyways Ben is also in love with Juliet and we are show his jealous and controlling side.

Our red headed friend is up to a plan along with Jeremy Davies so her bad side shows for the time being, and it just gives us another reason to hate her.

A twist of sorts reveals that Mr. Widemore is the boss behind everything, if like me this should not come to shock if you read the book "Bad Twin". He is the master mind behind it all but does he also own Oceanic?

The Red head turns out was actually trying to save the castaways but I still don't trust her, she's got evil up her sleeve.

And finally the big reveal but I guess its going to have to wait for another episode, thank god the wait isn't that long. One good thing that is if my theory is right, that Michael will come back this week! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Like The Wind Through My Tree

If you haven't heard already, I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings, but it has been reported that Patrick Swayze has terminal pancreatic cancer. It had been reported that he had as little as five weeks to live, but his doctors are saying the timeframe has been exaggerated. Still, pancreatic cancer sufferers generally do not survive more than five years after diagnosis. It's so sad! I was hoping it wasn't true, since it was first reported by the National Enquirer, but it's been confirmed all over, even Red Dawn costar Lea Thompson has released a statement. To try and stay positive, I'm going to have a moment of silence and enjoy my some of my favorite Swayze moments.

She's like the wind through my tree

She rides the night next to me

She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun

She's taken my heart But she doesn't know what she's done

Feel her breath on my face

Her body close to me

Can't look in her eyes

She's out of my league

Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs

She's like the wind