Saturday, February 9, 2008

Growing up with Wrestling

News came around that Darren Aronofsky was working on a new movie entitled the wrestler, I was honestly a little ticked because I have always wanted to do a movie based on the life of wrestling seen through a up and comer and then the down fall since the movie would take place in the 80's when there was drugs just flying around.
Its a thing not a lot of people know about and has until recently with all the deaths involving drugs come into light. I wanted to do something like PT Anderson did with boogie nights cover something that could be dark and shady while at the same time tell a story based on someone famous, which would have been loosely based on a combination of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, 2 of the most famous wrestlers of their time. Being a huge fan of wrestling growing up in the 80's and later getting obsessed with it in 99' or I should say getting back into wrestling.
As I got older I wanted to know everything just like when I would collect comics, and got obsessed with the artist. So I would go on websites during computer class or lunch times and read the ins and outs of what was really going on. I learned that yes it was "fake" to a certain degree and that yes there were real life fights and grudges, it wasn't until Beyond the Mat that I got my first look and how it was in what many call the "business".
As I said before growing up as a kid I loved wrestling, and it didn't get any bigger than Hulk Hogan, of coarse as I got older I realized that he actually wasn't the best and not until now realized that Shawn Michaels was a way better wrestler and was my new fav. I still love the Hulkster don't get me wrong, but HBK is a way better wrestler any day just ask anyone.
I have all the confidence in the world that Darren will do a great job in his movie, in fact Requiem for a dream is one of my all time fav., but I still some day want to make my own, and tell it how it really is.


richmondsaint said...

Beyond the Matt is tradic dude. What about that guy that just killed his wife and child. I dont know wrestling does get a bad name n all, but it is pretty f-in crazy.

Louie said...

I know it sucks that Chris Benoit totally ruined the rep. for Wrestling in general, it always take one psycho to ruin the whole thing.