Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So I was gone for a while, and I was gone for a reason, one of them being that I was at Wonder Con over the weekend. I have a very busy week ahead on me so lets get this ball rolling before I fall more behind shall we?

For those of you curious yes I am aware that I miss a Lost review, the reason behind it is that I missed last weeks episode :( but I'll just have to post up 2 reviews this week instead of one.


Definitely the highlight of the day I was there (Saturday) was the world premiere of JLA the new Frontier, it was based on the comic by the same title that came out 4 years ago. I was really skeptical of it, because in all honesty I'm not a fan of Tim Bruce, who works on all the JLA and JLA unlimited animated series. I was afraid that he wouldn't be accurate to the writing of the book as well as the historical timeline of when this book takes place in ( the 50's).


And my reasoning behind that would be that when he took over Batman the animated series after Paul Dini I felt that the series went to crap along with the animation that is now a well known flat style. With the first season of Batman they were inventing a new art style not seen since the days of Fantasia with paintings drawn over black paper etc. And a style that many copied including the anime Big O. It became a flat style and all the characters looked the same especially the females. But I was wrong and he did a great job with the New Frontier, one of the things that made it stand alone from all the animated releases to date would have to be the voice acting, my man Kyle (pictured above) did the voice of Superman, Xena the warrior princess herself did the voice of Wonderwoman. Even Neil Patrick Harris did a voice!

The movie was really epic, in a excalibur kinda way. You know these hereos you know how they got their powers its not rocket science. But seeing them grow to what we know them as is something thats just a fanboys dream, its what we like and a nudge to us. I like stuff like that its a shout out to us who grew up and took the time to read these books growing up. Now since they had to cram the whole book into a hour or so, it wasn't completely accurate but still really good for what they had to cram in that time space.

I can't say anything bad about it cause I liked it so much and urge you guys to buy it when it comes out on DVD you wont be disappointed!
As for the rest of WonderCon it was ok but my thing was that I didn't have money to spend so uh yeah.

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