Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost Review 2/15/08

First we start the episode with Sayid and a flash forward, which sets us up to believe that he's one of the Oceanic 6. On top of that he's up to his assassin tricks and looking bad ass as ever!
Can I point out something without going to much side tracked? Has anyone ever noticed that everyone on the island is really good at whatever their profession is, for expample. Sayid is the most smartest guy on the island and can fix just about anything including helicopters, on top of that he can tell when someone is lying. Jack is a doctor but does it help that he's the best doctor in the world!? And last but not least Locke is the best and hunting, its pretty crazy how it works but it does make for good t.v. 
Back on track again sorry for that, anyways I love this running theme of trying to find answers just like we try to watching the show, Desmond asks then why did she have a picture of me!? And of coarse they don't have a answer for it! But at least they are asking the questions which I like.
In the next Flash Forward we get a glimpse at Sayid again, and no lie I was thinking to myself that damn Sayid is like a secret agent, I mean look at him in that suit!
What time travel? possible I mean this really reminds me of something hmmm........
Back To The Future
There is this scene in the first Back to the Future where doc brown, holds up a stop watch and one from his dog! Could Lost be in some Time displacement?
Hurley really showed his colors, and can play a good bad guy, we know he got off the island soooo, does he join Jack eventually?
And finally the end was the best what does it all me is it a flash forward?
here's my theory  of the oceanic 6 Its Jack, Kate, Hurley, Desmond, Sayid and Ben. or Sayid and Ben aren't off the island which means that 2 others got off. But I'm sure its the way I got it set up.
Now one last rant to rap this up I want to point out how great that every season is so different from each other:
1st season is like this
People crash on island and there is lots of action and suspense and oh yes mystery.
2nd season
more at a look at faith and maybe religion? A little more answers but not quite there.
3rd season
A bad look at the others and then writers change and we are given what we like Kate, and Jack and our favs.
4th season is up in the air but looks like action and mystery, thats it folks hope you enjoyed this and I'll see ya all soon. :)

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